A man of passion

Fabrice Berger

I have always been fond of bicycles and cycling. It started out with BMX during my teenage years and then later i jumped into mountain biking as it first arrived in Europe.

I am for over 30 years now a die hard X-country rider, and I was fortunate enough to also give a serious try to downhill and enduro as well. My road bike has always been a faithful companion, a great way to train and to discover new surroundings.

I did triathlon for a couple of years, therefore I have an understanding of the speciality of these bikes.

I describe myself has being passionate, rigorous and dedicated.

  • diploma as a certified mechanic in Paris, 1988
  • MTB mechanic/fitter, in Bavaria (Germany) from 1989 to 1993
  • Specific apprenticeship for road bikes mechanic at Hermann Cicli Sport in Liechtenstein from 1993 to 1995
  • Road bike mechanic and specialist in Geneva (Switzerland) for nearly 20 years

of beautiful encounters

Winks, testimonials, tributes … Just want to say thank you

I would like to thank my Mentor, who taught me nearly everything about bikes and their mechanical secrets,

Merci Roman !

Roman Hermann : Born and raised in Liechtenstein, Roman has been a great pro road racer, especially in the so called 6 days events, winning more than 15 of them during the 80’s. Forming prestigious duos with some of the greatest riders of his generation.

He’s been as well, the Master Mind and workhorse at Hermann Ciclisport during 25 years, a bike shop renowned for his skills and excellence, being also the home for the distribution of Colnago italian bikes, in Switzerland.

Roman embodies hardwork, courage and excellence.

I would like to thank my new friend and guinea pig for the making of my website.

Merci Yves !

Yves Godimus, born and raised in Belgium. Yves has been a pro road racer from 1983 to 1992. He has a few wins under his belt, the most prestigious one being the Grand Prix de Denain in 1984. He is now a sales representative for the belgian sport nutrition company ; 3 Action.

Yves remains a dedicated cyclist, changing from his MTB, to road to gravel bike, depending of his mood.

Yves embodies discipline and friendship to the core.

My home


I am proud to have my workshop located in Villes-sur-Auzon, a small village of Provence at the bottom of Mont Ventoux and being also the gateway to the famous and scenic Gorges de la Nesque.

I enjoy being surrounded by other very skilled artisans and companies who provide help and support.