Bike fit service

Bike fit

for who ? And what for ?

Cyclists who already own a bike and are aiming for comfort, performance and pleasure.

Cyclists who are looking to buy a new bike but unsure about which geometry, brand and model to go for.


My bike fit service is simplified and affordable, within the constraints of modern bike design.


The method

Scientific and Human
It’s a method which requires a good eye and experience, along with good software.

I chose to work with several pieces of equipment to measure and adjust your bike and position from the renowned Italian company Bicisupport , endorsed by several professional teams.

The different steps and tools allow me to get some very good results as a basic foundation to my work. However, the last step of my bike fit (once your cleats have been properly aligned on your shoes) consist of a pedalling session on the rollers. Ìt’s only then that I will have the opportunity to fine-tune your position on the bike, using my years of experience.


Everything starts

with a chat, I will explain you the process of my work, followed by several anthropometric measurements.

Thank’s Yves for being my guinea pig

I will then load all the different measurements into the software, which will give us the technical data to verify and change the adjustments on your bike.


Experience being a Plus

By combining the performance of a good anthropometric measurements machine and software added to my visual analysis, we will obtain a full picture of your optimum riding position.

And here we are on the rollers !

The final adjustments will be the one ensuring comfort, performance and pleasure !


Tempted ?

Are you curious , interested ? I am here to answer all the questions you have related to my bike fitting service.

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